Training and Rehab for the Overhead Athlete



We are pleased to offer evaluation and treatment specifically designed for the throwing athlete. The overhead throwing athlete places a unique demand on his or her shoulder and total body which requires a specific and detained plan to resolve pain and injury to the arm and shoulder. 

Dr. David Fathalikhani combines his experiences as a former NCAA pitcher for The Ohio State University, with his advanced training in manual therapy and exercise to help throwing athletes of all ages and skill levels reach their maximum potential on the field. His program has been used with high school, collegiate and MLB players with tremendous results. Dr. Fathalikhani combines a total physical assessment of the shoulder, spine and lower body, along with video analysis of ones throwing motion and mechanics to address the root cause of dysfunction and improve on-field performance. Assessment combined with the proper treatment and training plan utilizing manual therapy of joint mobilization, manipulation and sport performance training encompasses the overhead throwing athlete program. 

Dr. Fathalikhani is based in Denver, Colorado however is able to offer his services digitally via phone and/or email consultation and when needed will travel around the country to offer his services.