Physical Therapy for Private Clubs


Our mission is to increase a club member’s experience by offering a high level service that goes far beyond the industry standard- one on one appointments with a physical therapist.


The club industry is always looking for new ways to increase a club member's’ experience.  With limited space and capitol, clubs often find it difficult to bring more value to its membership.  Adding a medical/wellness component, like physical therapy, is an easy way to bring in revenue and drive foot traffic to their fitness facilities.  This is all possible with no capitol expense and no added space or equipment to existing fitness facilities.

Concierge Physical Therapists (CPT) was founded in November of 2012, and arose from the belief that clients needed more than what most high volume physical therapy clinics are offering.  CPT believes in one on one hour long appointments with a physical therapist specializing in manual techniques complimented with neuromuscular re-education and exercise. CPT has grown substantially, now with service in 12 private clubs throughout the country.  Club members benefit from several aspects of the service.  First, is the convenience of offering physical therapy at their club fitness center.  Adding this service means members spend more time at their club, therefore an increase in club revenue can be expected.  Secondly, members get a high level service due to our one on one, intensive approach.  Lastly, club members are able to access their health insurance, including Medicare.  Our services are very easy to implement.  It requires no capital expense for new equipment or space, and involves a profit share for the club.  This means expanded service, with the addition of a health care professional, an increase in revenue, and absolutely no cost to the club.

“Physical therapy is a natural fit for private clubs as we continue to evolve from “fitness” to “wellness.”  It’s great for members, who love to come to their club for services, so it creates greater value in their membership.  It’s also great for clubs, because members going through physical therapy can then be directed into other services, such as personal training or massage therapy, to continue their recovery.
“The advantage of working with CPT is that they can handle scheduling appointments and insurance, so there’s no burden placed on club staff.  We linked our website to their scheduling page to make it easier for members to set up appointments.  We also provided the company with the graphics we use on our site so that their page would maintain the same feel as our website.  It’s important for members to feel that this service is still part of their club.”

John Porter- Assistant General Manager for Fitness at Army Navy Country Club, and board member of the Club Spa and Fitness Association

” Offering first class Physical Therapy services has added incredible value to our members. It elevates us from having just another fitness center to giving the members one place where they can take care take care of their rehab needs.
Having PT services at the Club adds another level of engagement of our members. The more ways we can engage them, the more meaningful the member experience, leading to long term member satisfaction.”

David Conroy, General Manager University Club Washington, D.C