Ergonomic Assessments



Spending hours a day at your desk and computer can cause a number of physical problems. Neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches can all be linked to poor sitting posture and improper ergonomics.


Concierge Physical Therapists offers two types of ergonomic evaluations and assessments:

1) Using OSHA’s 94 point checklist, the Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists at Concierge Physical Therapists offer an in home or office ergonomic evaluation and assessment of your work station. We make changes to your setup and recommend equipment to improve your alignment.  The evaluation and assessment includes instructions on postural exercises and stretches that can be done to help with postural dysfunction and symptoms.

Ergonomic evaluations and assessments can be done for individual clients or for an entire office staff.  Call or email to discuss rates and availability.

2) Online ergonomic evaluations and assessments of workstation:

Concierge Physical Therapists offers online office ergonomic evaluations and assessments. Simply send us pictures of your workstation and a picture of you sitting at your workstation, and we will offer specific recommendations for changes to your setup and for new equipment if need be. The online ergonomic evaluation and assessment costs $75.